Trend to try: Lace-up Details

     Lace-up details are a subtle microtrend that I’m loving right now. Theyl can be dainty or daring depending on where, or how, you wear them, and, this season designers are using tie detailing, not only to add interest to otherwise ordinary basics, they’re highlighting them in an artful way. Corseted belts, tees, sportswear and summery blouses  are all making a show of things with criss-cross décolleté, ruching and cinching.




     Just look at the cinching on the already oversized sleeves of this satiny blue, poet-sleeved blouse I’m wearing by Parker. I feel like the ties seriously take an already notice-me-top and just add another lovely element of interest this time at the cuff of a bracelet sleeve. So I wanted to see what happened if I continued the theme throughout my outfit adding these Tibi lace-up detail pants and Marion Parke cream leather sandals.

image 11.JPEG

     I personally think my devotion to the details shows and I have to say I felt happily adorned in this outfit. It’s the little things sometimes that can make all the difference. So, why not take a detail you love and run with it? It might just lead to something artfully styled that feels all your own.