Going Western: Fall's Latest Trend

When it comes to personal style, the western trend is probably furthest away from the New York City style I grew up with and am accustomed to wearing. So, it makes sense now that I’m living in L.A. as a style blogger, to try on something new and take the good ol’ western trend for a ride. And if I know NYC and fashion trends, I bet somewhere in Brooklyn right about now, the street style compass has slightly shifted west this fall and Goorin Bros is selling more rancher hats than ever.




Spurred on by music festivals like California’s Coachella and Austin City Limits, to name two, Western-wear has a strong foothold in the fashion world right now from wide-brimmed hats to leather boots with steel-tipped toes. Now that I’m in California, I’m finding little elements like these have slowly seeped into my wardrobe. Denim shirts and accessories infused with the rugged air of the wild west: bandanas, wide belts with etched buckles from brands like Free People, Rebecca Minkoff and B-low the Belt have found a place in my closet. When I want to maximize the trend further I look to prairie dresses in dainty country florals and a mix of denim and cardis with desert-minded patterns. 


One classic way to ease the trend into your wardrobe, is by pairing a crisp white button-down with a denim skirt as I’ve done here. Add accessories like a leather belt you already own with an interesting buckle. I added this one with a vintage design and a contrasting of-the-moment gold Gucci sandal to keep the vibe more on the side of modern street style. Opt for snakeskin boots or get adventurous wearing a wide brimmed rancher hat like mine from Eugenia Kim for a more committed look. It’s not about how much you wear to get the trend right, as a matter of style east or west, I guess it’s just in how you walk the walk.