How to Wear <br>Leopard Prints and Accessories

Oo, la Leopard! Animal prints have long been a mainstay in the fashion world. And like every good trend, the oldies but goodies come back around and leopard has surely had more than nine lives. While everyone’s lioness tendencies may wax and wane, leopard is a look you should invest in. Immediately I think of Bridget Bardot or Sophia Lauren as two feisty females to pull off the trend. But leopard can be a surprising neutral and look oh-so elegant when used in moderation. While blacks, browns and ivories are all obvious complimentary colors to leopard accessories, I pair mine with emerald, red or even purple. Rich colors complement the wild nature of the print. So how do you know if a trend like leopard is a classic or just a passing fad? 




Rule #1: Look to the stars. Does a certain style icon come to mind immediately like ballet flats that are so Audrey or menswear-inspired pieces suited to Katherine Hepburn. If so, chances are these  styles have staying power. 




Rule #2: Keep an eye on style cycles. If it has come and gone and comes back again you now it’s a tried-and true trend you can count on as a closet staple. My J.Crew leopard purse and platform pumps can be considered vintage as this point I’ve held onto them so long. But like a fine wine and some TLC, my taste and the style has proven just as bold as ever. 




Rule #3 Trust your instincts. “Does it feel good to wear?” should always be your bottom line. Is there a certain goal you have in mind or energy you want to attract? Leopard for example exudes fun, daring and sophistication because it’s a smart sartorial choice showing an interest in style in general. Just remember to find balance with bold pieces if that’s what you crave by keeping the rest of your outfit on the simpler side. Do you have any other questions or tips to share on knowing when a trend will last? I would love to hear them!