Sweater Weather

    Anyone who lives here knows sweater dressing in L.A. is not so much of a necessity but a style indulgence. But don’t ask a fashionable Angeleno to admit it. They’re not complaining about endless summers or beach days at Christmastime. However, any style-savvy trendster living here also gets a pang of jealousy when they see their NYC counterparts strutting their stuff in full-blown wintertime ensembles they simply don’t get to partake in from parkas to puffer coats, snow hats and mittens and shearling anything. 



    So, what is any self-respecting fashion darling gonna do? Wear it anyway of course. Leather, fur and knee-high boots make the most appearances when December and January rolls around in L.A. And be prepared to see all versions of nubby knits, chunky weaves and what can be considered fluffy confections. Sweaters are a treat after all. You’ll see short shorts, tanks and tees rolling down the same street as layers of coats and cardis, a wintry morning mix forecast null & void. So whether’s it’s hot or not outside, I’ve rounded up the sweaters you’re gonna wear this season either way! 


    I’m wearing this Doen Sweater (available at Doen and Reformation) on Melrose Place in West Hollywood one of the prettiest and most shop-able streets in L.A. where stores like Mark Jacobs, Isabel Marant and Zimmerman are tucked away among bougainvillea, ivy walls, pretty courtyards and flower-draped alleyways. Stopping in at Alfred Tea is a must when on Melrose if not for an Earl Grey and a Strawberry Rose Croissant (heaven!) then for the Instagram-able goodness of it all.