Welcome toArtfully!So Glad You're Here.

Welcome toArtfully!So Glad You're Here.

Hi, my name is Christina. And I am an artist. I write. I daydream. I dance. I sing. I write some more. I style clothes. And I blog about it. 

    I’ve worked on the retail floor and as a copywriter for big brands, until I decided I want to be my own boss and wear as many hats as I choose, whether it’s working as stylist or creative director or pursuing my passions for songwriting, dancing and writing poetry.

        Coming to L.A from NYC has been an important journey in realizing my goals. There’s something magical about Los Angeles to live out your dreams, where stars are born and mountains rise up next to beaches and the Hollywood sign stares down as a constant reminder to chase the “Hollywood dream” i.e. your own success. It seems apt I’m finally launching Artfully here, my space to capture fully my life as an artist, the creativity of styling, my new traveling lifestyle and my words, which I hope will inspire you to chase your dreams.

    I’ve always been concerned that a love for fashion could seem frivolous. But sometimes you need to get away, throw on a sundress, walk on the beach and feel the sun. Like California, fashion is a space to feel free and like a breath of fresh air, fashion is there for all of us to enjoy. And, when you need to take risks and make bold choices, fashion can be that tool to style our lives just as we want to live them, even turn daydreams into fulfilled dreams and the most inspiring realities. Just see my very first dream-come-true photo shoots in NYC and L.A. to see what I’m talking about! Whether I’m taking a styling cue from Audrey or Beyoncé, decorating my nest while enjoying the view at home or finding poetry in a sunset and far-off places, I hope you enjoy following along on my creative journey.