Behind The Scenes: Artfully x TGS

Today I’m sharing a little something different: a behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot this summer with @TGSCollective. You can read more about TGS here and here. I’ve been nervous to share this but at the same time I’ve been wanting a bit of the performer side of myself to emerge. (And looks like it did in this video ☺️.) Which represents a big part of why I started my blog in the first place. I’ve always been shy but love to sing, act and dance and have pushed past my fear in various ways over the years to do so (Music school degree, acting & dance classes, community theater.) And I’ve been lucky that my career as a writer lets me flex my creative muscles, but launching my own blog has allowed me to channel my creativity in so many ways all at once. And that’s what I want Artfully to do: to empower women to express themselves. I hope to inspire you to “try on” different parts out of yourself through personal style because I believe fashion is a creative tool to style our lives just as we want to live them. I hope you’ll find the video tells a confident story about owning your personal power whatever that looks like for you.