My Role as Sézane's L.A. Brand Ambassador 

I was extremely honored to have partnered with french brand, Sézane, for their pop-up shop at The Grove this past April by hosting a style session event on April 18.  It was the final style session in a "style series" that included sessions hosted by Courtney Halverson of Pretty Little Fawn, Alyssa Campanella of The A List, and Stephanie Liu Hjelmseth of Honey & Silk. I can’t tell you as a new blogger, what an honor it was to be among my favorite L.A. bloggers! 

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For those who couldn’t attend, here are some highlights that included one-to-one styling tips (by me), $100 gift cards to the first three attendees, an exclusive look at the spring collection, champagne, macarons from Ladurée, and of course: Le Shopping!  There were also visits from some of my fave Style Collective bloggers —special thanks to Esther Collins of The Girls Who Brunch, Julie of Over 50 In Hollywood, Liz Shamooni from Liz in Los Angeles and Jennifer Avina of! All attendees who made a purchase that day received an exclusive Bonjour L.A. tote and a nail polish change with flower design, held in the outdoor garden designed with flowers by Farmgirl.




Bonjour L.A! Welcome to Sézane.” France’s first digital fashion brand, born online. I’m so excited to share one of my absolute favorite brands and my favorite French brand for sure. With stores in Paris, NY and now we’re excited to announce coming to L.A, in the fall. So this is your exclusive sneak peek of French style and lifestyle and that you will get to experience in the fall from inside what I like to call it our little slice of Paris, and you can now tell your friends you saw it first!

Esther @esthercollins and Liz @lizinlosangeles

Esther @esthercollins and Liz @lizinlosangeles

What is Sézane? Sézane style is quintessential Parisian style drawing from vintage inspiration with a focus on effortless pieces at an affordable price.  One thing that makes Sézane so unique is their capsule collections throughout the year, of limited editions styles, in blouses, skirts, pants, suits, jewelry, jeans, bags, shoes and more, in a just a few different prints and color-ways that sell out fast. But, the idea is quality over quantity so you are getting something really special.



And when I say quality, all of Sézane’s shoes are made from real leather, same as their bags and high-quality sweaters that I can’t get enough of, even though I’m now In L.A.! And, they even have their own perfume made from Fresh flowers of jasmine, peony, rose ( some of the same notes as Chanel Number 5 but only $90) in a really fresh, modern, beautiful scent. When you shop here and online they spray your clothes with the scent and you get a tote bag with your purchase so every order feels special. 


    There is also a mainstay collection called La Liste with jeans, bags and shoes that are their most classic pieces like the patent leather Babies for instance: very french-girl chic with a low thick heel. And my favorite are the jeans, that are just those cool classic fits that all the girls want to wear right now in that easy, durable denim that’s more vintage with classic slim fits with a medium rise that are just really flattering and chic to a woman’s body like, my favorite style, the The Brut Sexy. There’s also an online men’s collection called Octobres Editions, also vintage and French inspired and a new lifestyle capsule collection just released online with housewares.


The creator of Sézane is Morgane Sezalory and if you are wondering about the origin of the brand's name, Sézane is an amalgamation of the first 3 letters of her last name and the last 3 of her first name, so: Sezelory, S-E-Z and Morgane, A-N-E. She created the brand 5 years ago in France in the beginning selling vintage dresses online on Ebay after her sister was leaving town and left her with some old vintage clothing of hers. She noticed when she would sell batches of these really special, vintage pieces that they sold out quickly so the formula was built out of that. That’s what makes this brand really unique is it’s success as an online retailer, and woman-owned, that grew by word-of-mouth and gained a cult following. And guys when I say cult following, I mean not only do French bloggers wear these clothes and the capsule collections sell out fast, but, people line up outside the Paris store. One item, the Barry Jumper, even had a waiting list of 30,000. 

With Julie @over_fifty_in_hollywood and Liz @lizinlosangeles

With Julie @over_fifty_in_hollywood and Liz @lizinlosangeles

If you’re looking for classic and French staples keep an eye out for  crisp jackets and pretty pleated dresses. If you like vintage and bohemian there’s eyelet dresses and tops, classic and vintage denim fits like the 1970s I am wearing here and their vintage inspired jewelry. Must-haves for summer: gingham shorts, a flowy white top and one-shoulder tanks and lots floral prints.  Be sure to take a look at the spring and summer collections online, tell me your favorites and ask me any questions you might have in the comments below.

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Every brand has a story and so does each one of us. And it starts with the individual. One idea, a big vision and lots of hard work. I loved sharing Sézane’s story as brand-ambassador, one of a woman-owned company who by creativity and word-of-mouth has made chic Parisian and vintage- inspired high fashion available for all. 


Celebrating the success of hosting an event as’s first big brand partnership reminds me to celebrate my story that has brought me 3,000 miles from NYC to L.A. to live more creatively, launch my biz and create a brand that shows women how we can all use fashion as a tool to style our lives just as we want to live them. 


With every partnership, photoshoot and blog post, I can see my story unfold and that it’s all happening because I’m working with intention to bring my vision to life. I hope you will follow along. This is just the start for me and whatever it is you dream to do in life, just begin and the path will become clearer, I promise.