My Favorite Skincare Winter to Spring

    Moving to L.A., I’ve had to switch up my skincare regimen. Simply put: the air is drier and there’s way more sun. So upping my sunscreen and moisturizer has been key. I remember while on a visit to Los Angeles before moving here, I attended a beauty event and the women in the room were all chitchatting about how dry their hair, skin and sinuses felt from “those Santa Ana winds.” I thought to myself “That’s a thing?,” I feel fine. But lo and behold a few days later my lips were so dry no amount of chapstick could come to the rescue. SO, I learned how to switch things up from east to west and here I’m sharing my skincare favorites. Whether its L.A.’s dry seasons or whatever’s in the air anywhere we are, your skin calls for special attention and these mostly natural products deliver on the TLC.



One Love_skincare.JPG

One Love Vitamin B Cleanser

    This all-natural powerhouse is a makeup remover and cleanser in one! Converting to an oil cleanser for my dry skin has been a game changer for me. What I love most is this scent and massaging my face with the oil feels like an aromatherapy and facial massage in one. 





    OSEA Protective Cream paired with a sunscreen like Supergoop or Dermalogica with SPF50 alone for Day

     Osea and Supergoop are two more all-natural brands I’ve recently added to my beauty arsenal. Supergoop was first gifted to me at a Tone-it-up fitness event. And working out in the sun calls for multiple sunscreen applications so I appreciate that this lotion is lightweight and minimally scented. And Osea Malibu prime ingredient is seaweed, a superfood with benefits like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which all help fight aging. The pale marine green color and fresh scent definitely remind me of the ocean in a refreshing way. I’ve used the atmosphere protective cream which is recommended as a primer or moisturizer before adding sunscreen and the essential hydrating oil. The oil I received as part of Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style known for its curated selection of elevated products. You don’t always think to add an oil to your regimen if you are already moisturizing but I find it gives a definite boost and you can control the level you want by mixing in a few drops with you moisturizer or by using alone for maximum effect. Jojoba, Sesame Seed oils, Lavender, Rosewood and Gernanium.




     Dermalogica has also been a great discovery for my fair skin, now prone to sun spots, with its whopping SPF 50. If you prefer to get your moisturizer and sunscreen in one product, this will streamline your morning regimen. One of the best features is the easy pump bottle with a little window that actually shows you how much product is left so your never left in a lurch. And we all want to be able to see we’re getting our money’s worth by using it down to the last drop. 




First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream    

     There’s a reason why First Aid Beauty’s sleeping cream is  one of the best-selling moisturizers at Sephora. No Parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants super moisturizing and gentle at the same time. I alternate using this at night with one that is lighter weight and has sunscreen currently Dermalogica. 




Odacité Pure Elements Face Oils

    Odacité Oils also mix beautifully with moisturizers or when applied to trouble spots and the medicine style droppers with abbreviations for the active mineral ingredients look just like the periodic table of elements and make you feel like a scientist as you mix and match the compatible pairing they go as far as to recommend for double the impact. Two of my favorites are Acai + Rose to fight aging and wrinkles and Apricot + Palmarosa to fight redness and aid sensitive skin with fragile capillaries,




    Sara Happ The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm to me is the OG of lip scrubs and luxurious lip balms. 100% paraben free and committed to no animal testing and eco-friendly packaging. And Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy does it’s exfoliating magic overnight which is probably due to its special formulation and key ingredient sugar which the brand describes as: “a natural humectant that draws moisture into the skin, boosting hydration. A natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that promotes cell turnover.” My favorite thing to is apply first Fresh Sugar and then layer Lip Slip on to before going to bed. It’s like a one-two punch against winter-chapped lips. 




     I hope find these product suggestions helpful which are in no way sponsored. There's just genuine love for them and effectiveness seen from their use. Do you have any skincare favorites and curious to know how much of your skincare regimen is using all-natural products and do you find them easy to find?