Power Dressing Series: Tuxedo Femme

     Women are having more than a moment in 2018 and taking back our power in so many ways. Here on Artfully I like to talk about dressing with intention because our clothes can say a lot. And I want every woman to feel empowered by what they wear. If that means an OOTD that makes you feel like a boss, or an OOTN that not only lights up a room but makes you feel lighter and more beautiful, then we’re getting closer to Artfully’s mission: manifesting and empowering you through your clothes.

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     That’s the thing I love about tuxedo dressing: it’s sharp and bold and let’s not say ”borrowed from the boys.” We’ve been taking menswear and making it our own for years. (Hat tip to Catherine Hepburn and Diane Keaton.)




    A sharp black tuxedo blazer, mine’s done in velvet by Alice & Olivia, fixed with a single gold button and asymmetric hem, speaks power suit for day when paired with a skirt. And for night, find one long enough, and it’s a sexy dress that says you’re still hear to slay —meaning you’ve got the confidence, you’re not just here to be cute. You can wear it all alone, or keep the skirt wispy and just past the jacket’s hem, like I did, to be a tad more conservative. What do you think? Can you see yourself in a tuxedo jacket for day or night?