Trending Toward Spring...

Let’s face it, wintertime can sometimes feel like a fashion black hole with more of the same: sweaters, heavy coats, jeans, boots repeat. With the new year, we set new intentions so shouldn’t our clothes get a refresh as well?




Luckily, in February, Valentine’s Day, fashion week and awards season arrive with a fresh dose of stye inspiration for dressing up. But what about the day to day? Last year around this time I showed you an outfit-of -the-day formula that takes some legwork and guesswork out of the standing in front of closet with a blank stare asking what to wear.


For me a floral dress with boots is a classic look, reinvented year after year. That’s what make an outfit formula so great, is that once you’ve tested its longevity you discover it’s useful time and again. The trick to establishing a formula that adds up year after year is to find what works for you, and change it up slightly to keep up with trends. This year I’m showing a dress with slightly longer hemline and boots that are to the knee and slouchy. But a floral dress and boots are still the building blocks of my go-to ensemble for transitioning temperatures. And for good reason. Florals feel fresh and a flow-y silhouette serves as a reminder easy, breezier days are ahead. And it’s no secret that a longer hemline will keep you warm while tall boots are their perfect cozy partner. For spring you can expect these styles to stick around too. The versatility of a slouchy boot will even saddle up to minis and shorts. If you like to plan ahead, take note, I’ve studied up on a few more winter trends that will endure through spring…

IMG_8876_edit 2.JPEG

Consider a lightweight blazer the sophisticated layer you’ve been looking for season to season, layered under an overcoat in winter and over a tee in spring and paired with shorts. Also weave into your wardrobe blazers in lightweight tweeds with threads of neon and pink. The tweeds and plaids so often seen this winter venture into more neutral territory for spring. Think less Christmas-y tartans and more muted glen plaids and Burberry tans. And combat boots are another on-trend pairing for skirts and dresses. Like every good experiment, a good outfit formula can make it you feel you’ve got dressing down to a science. I hope you find these tried and tested styles hold true for you. And perhaps next year you’ll discover your faithful formula has got brand-new flair.