A Fresh Start to Spring

There’s a lot happening over here at Artfully headquarters in terms of organizing and getting ready for spring and summer, fashion-wise and living in general. I’ll reveal more soon, but I’m currently working on a home and office organization project to streamline my work-from-home life. But I definitely have a few tips to share on how to spring-forward your wardrobe in the meantime. Here are three ways I am getting my wardrobe springtime-ready…




Try Something New:  Probably the most exciting and fun part of a new fashion season is the new and old trends that pop up on our style radars. Case in point: snake prints, a trend I’m loving now that’s managed to slink its way into my wardrobe head-to-toe. (Note the snake-print heels.) And here’s why I love it: It’s sexy. Animal prints of any kind evoke all kinds of fierce vibes. Add a red a lip or go more nude with your makeup and accessories and we’re still talking Y-eow factor. The same rules apply for all animal prints and you can read more of my tips to style them here. I love how this Reformation wrap-dress is so flattering as it floats along the body. Yes-s-s, slinky as a snake! I promise incorporating snake into your wardrobe or any trend you haven’t tried before is a power move to set intentions for a new season ahead. Want more tips on Power Dressing in 2019?, read this post.


Choose A Clean Palette: Starting off a spring on a light foot just feels right. You want colors that are going to lift you up but as the weather is still transitioning, it’s the perfect time to hit refresh with neutrals. And you’ll find all shades from nude to peach to coral to mocha on the racks this spring and summer. It’s going to be an earthy, boho season ahead! Just check out Cult Gaia’s clothing styles for some major inspo. Again, the reason I chose snake sprint is because it kills two birds with one stone. Not only does the wild nature of animal prints feel like a daring sartorial choice but the muted tones of snake in particular, which can rely heavy on whites, ivories, grey and browns, lend a surprisingly neutral palette to play off of. Use snake as base for your outfit whether it’s a blouse and jeans and heels with a pop of color or head-to print with browns reds and golds. Play it up as little or as much as you like as I did here


Transition Out of Winter: Now that you’ve added something new, in a spring-friendly hue, start transitioning out the darker colors and heavy knits that dominated your closet during cold weather months. Whether that’s to the back of the closet or stored entirely somewhere else in bins till next season. Out-of-sight, out of mind, and you’re feeling spring-springier already. Of course, it’s good to keep transitional pieces like lighter sweaters and cardigans and spring leathers in coat closet if the weather is still back-and-forth where you are. Here’s a post on some key pieces for transitioning to spring if you’d like more inspo. Happy First Day of Spring!