Power Dressing in 2019

Announcing, The 2019 World Tour…✨Sometimes at the start of a new year or season, ever since I was young there’s a little game I play to set new intentions for myself that’s sort of stuck. Much like setting an intention for the year or declaring to yourself, “This is going to be the Year of X,” ( now you have to play along here), where I imagine I’m a superstar about to embark on my “world” tour and decide on “the theme” in line with “who” I want to become that year. It came to me one year as a teenager thinking about how I wanted to reinvent myself and the inspo then, and many times since then, was Madonna’s The Re-invention Tour. Madge came to mind naturally because my goal was reinvention but also because she is fire 🔥 and the OG at reinventing her persona and personal style. I noticed early on her ownership of her personal power and the idea you can recreate yourself (oftentimes through your clothes) and start over any time. It wasn’t until I was older that I even started believing it for myself. So, next important step: I replace her name with my own.




As is this case often with resolutions, I’ve been on “Christina: The Re-invention Tour” a few times now, and sometimes I need some time off before the next one. But each time is an adventure and I come back with a few more lessons under my belt. So I’m announcing another world tour! Which means I’m going after some goals, old and new in 2019, and will be crossing off some more bucket-list items. I’m also choosing the word “bold” to focus my intentions even more as a reminder to take risks and keep making choices that will allow me to grow and bring you the inspired, impactful editorial content I want to create here on Artfully.


I also declare this year, “The Year of the Sparkly Dress,” because I want to shine bright, feel special and make no apologies for it. It’s just another fun reminder to wear what makes me feel good and to make bold choices. So you’ll see lots of sequins in my costume changes, ha! Sequins are a perfect choice if you want to stand out and feel revitalized. You can even wear them for day on heels, a clutch or headband or by pairing a sequin slip dress or skirt with a fuzzy cardigan or sweater and mules or slides. How about you? What’s your world “tour” looking like this year? I’d love to hear your word and ideas in the comments and any superstars in particular that inspire you. Or, just let me know what’s your favorite item from your closet to wear and I hope you make the commitment to wear it and shine in 2019! 

xo, Christina