Trend to Try: Palm Prints

Like Milennial Pink and the polka-dot bikini, palm prints have gone beyond just a passing trend and straight into our living rooms, cropping up everywhere from our throw pillows to our yoga pants and Pinterest pages. The Beverly Hills Hotel, here in Beverly Hills, with its palm-covered wallpaper is perhaps the most recognizable design location bearing palms, that seems to have single-handedly started the trend. And, if you are looking for further proof palm prints are spreading like wildfire, look to these Instagram-able spots I’ve discovered since moving to L.A., that all deliver on the palm motif:  Alfred Tea in West Hollywood, Perverse sunglasses in Larchmont, and Backyard Bowls on Santa Monica Boulevard, to name a few.




There’s something so irresistible about that high-contrast cool of white and green banana leaves, palms and the ever-popular Monsterra leaves that so often look good paired with the flamingo pinks, yellows and straw accessories of summer. But you can wear a lot or as little of the print as you like. I of course, chose head-to-toe in this look from Alice + Olivia, because I couldn’t resist showing you just how deep my love for the trend goes now that I’m a Cali girl! I love how this crop top is going to look with high-waisted denim and crisp white pants and espadrilles. And, how the wide-leg breezy pants pair so easily with a tank, tee or swimsuit. Hello, instant summer resort wear!


I got my first palm print in a Victoria’s Secret sheer swim pant, probably ten years ago, and I’ve still held onto them till this day. Then, the sheer diaphanous fabric in a green botanical print reminded me of J.LO’s iconic flowy silk-chiffon Versace dress. You know the one: cut-down to the navel in tropical palms and bamboo print that she wore to Grammy Awards accompanied by Puff Daddy. Since then I’ve dreamed of wearing them in Miami, and have! Now, when I’m not there, it takes me back to that tropical locale with all those summer vibes. I love how a pattern or the feel of a fabric can you take you to another place. Or make you feel like you can harness the star power and allure of a particularly celebrity or moment in time.  Who doesn't want to feel like J.Lo?  And you don't have to wait till your in Miami in California! Think about what other prints and items in your wardrobe transport you somewhere else and share with me in the comments.  I encourage you to wear them when you feel an itch to travel or are craving change.

I find wearing palms more than complements the scenery in California or any other vacay spot for that matter. I think the allure of palms has to be that the print epitomizes the vibe of carefree luxury of the places we love to lounge: like Miami, Palm Springs and jet-set style in general. Or, maybe it’s just an attitude. One that says look at me, in the palms. When it comes to vacay style, you’ll always come back to palm prints. I guarantee it. With oversized sunnies and a straw bucket bag, I have to say I feel right at home here among the palms.